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The most annoying things about online games and casinos

Meanwhile, iGaming industry is rapidly expanding conquering not only the real, but also the virtual world. According to Deloitte, this entertainment industry has great prospects for development in future. So, it will become very rich and successful, but not all experts agree with this. For example, Addiction resource claims that such a passion can have serious consequences. In any case, online gambling is popular. Thanks to the virtual casino you can relax after a hard day and enjoy your favorite games. Modern casinos offer large portfolios with different types of online games. In addition, this is a great opportunity to win real money. Sometimes, your gaming session can be successful.

We conducted a survey among gamers and found out what things annoy them in casinos and games:

Bright online casino design

Most gaming halls offer bright and creative designs that attract the attention of players, but there are also gaming halls that contain too many bright colors. This distracts users and prevents them from choosing a gaming machine. Some players do not visit casino sites filled with bright banners with promotions and other flickering elements.

No free mode

We do not know why some virtual casinos do not provide players with this option. Fortunately, this trend is rare today, especially if you play in popular casinos. But at the same time, some operators do not offer demo versions of the game to force the user to sign up and make a deposit. Of course, this thing annoys the players and they do not return to this casino anymore.

No free mode

Game models without Autoplay

This option makes the game session as comfortable as possible. There is a tendency to reduce the number of games without this option, but despite this, gamers complain again and again. They don’t want to press the Spin button again and again. This is the main advantage of the Autoplay function. It allows players to activate up to 1000 automatic spins that stop when combinations appear on the screen.

No local language translation

Players do not like it when the slot machine is not translated into the local language. But bad translation annoys them more. As statistics show, gamers close games with grammatical errors in the interface. If you do not have professional translators, then offer the games only in the English version.

Limited betting range

Users come to the gaming room to win real money and get positive emotions. The limited range of bets does not allow them to enjoy a full gaming session. Users complain about the large number of such gaming machines.

Custom settings

Thanks to a set of settings, the player can make the game individual. So, he / she can set the screen size, the number of rotations and the volume of the sound effects. The game model without these additions does not allow to achieve a positive result. If the slot game does not have such settings, then the user will see that the online casino does not meet his / her requirements.

Animated screensaver

As you know, modern slot machines with unique plots offer participants to enjoy an animated video that tells about the plot. Of course, this is an important element, but some providers have no boundaries and make such screensavers long. Moreover, they do not add the « Skip » option. Probably, this thing annoys all users.

Animated screensaver

Games not adapted for mobile devices

Mobile devices and gadgets have become very popular and they play an important role in the modern world. Unfortunately, not all providers follow the trends, so they do not offer mobile gaming machines. We are talking not only about slots, but also game resources that have no mobile version. The player does not always have access to the PC, so they would like to play through a smartphone or tablet. In addition, this gameplay is more convenient. If your game resource is not adapted for mobile devices, then fix this problem as quickly as possible if you do not want to lose customers.

The lack of rule descriptions

Before starting the rotation, participants should visit the theoretical section with information and instructions. This section also describes symbol odds / functions and bonus rounds. But some slot machines do not have such a section or a detailed description of the functions. Would you play a video slot without instructions and rules? We bet answer: « No! »

Players come to have fun and win money, so they need to know about all the nuances of the game.

Games not optimized for weak systems

Spectacular graphics please players as long as their computer or smartphone works well. But if the device’s OS is not new, then the game will work with stops and errors. Imagine you had a bad day at work. You came home, turned on your PC and visited any online casino in France. Finally, you have chosen a beautiful new game with 3D graphics and animations, but it works poorly. Of course, it will infuriate you. Of course, the player will blame the virtual casino and you should be ready

Optimize emulators for devices with a weak OS.

The casino has no downloadable version

Game halls with downloadable versions have become very popular. So, players can download a special application to access the games at any time. But not all game resources have this feature that distresses gamers.

As you can see, there are many things that affect the choice of players. If these errors are presented in your casino, then fix them as soon as possible!

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