Why is Social Gaming on the Rise?

A few decades ago, the number of people participating in a game was restricted by their physical availability. In other words, gamers played by themselves, or with friends who were within the vicinity. However, with the introduction of the internet, which has enabled communication between individuals online, the number of players participating in a game is no longer restricted by physical availability. Instead, players can easily partake in online gaming sites such as https://funfreeslots.co.uk/. So why is social gaming on the rise? Basically, this could be attributed to increasing adoption of advanced gaming technologies, low cost of games, increase in income levels, and rising online content, all which has enabled users to download content into their systems. Some of the main factors contributing to this trend are discussed below.

Gaming on the Rise

  1. The Growth of Social Network Sites

In the past, gamers played alone or organised for multiplayer gameplay with friends. Currently, players can easily find partners to play with online. The number of players participating in interactive online games, as well as the profitability of the industry, is continuously on the rise partly due to the easy access to the games through various online networking platforms. Today, there are numerous Facebook and browser games, and even mobile apps that allow participants to socialise while playing.

Therefore, any player with internet-enabled gadgets can connect with other gamers through these platforms. Additional features, including competition and collaboration between players online, give the game an extra touch to social gaming. Apart from the notification systems, players could easily communicate with each other through live chats and forums on online video games platform.

  1. Convenience

Before the era of online social competitions, players had to organise multiplayer gameplays with friends or visit game centres to experience the community aspect of games. Such arrangements demanded of effort, time, and finance. Online social gaming provides a more straightforward and more convenient alternative to enjoying a game with friends. Online games accommodate communication between strangers who can share their gaming interests at any time and location. Currently, a player will only require an internet-enabled device to be able to mingle with friends while playing. The simple interaction during interactive online competitions has made it gain popularity among internet players.

  1. Simple Usability

Although the technology supporting social games is complicated, the players are provided simple options and understandable instructions, which makes the game easy to play. Developers put in a lot of effort to ensure that the games’ user interface accommodate every player and, gamers only need to understand instructions and controls to play.

Also, the additional features which enable players to interact with each other are simple to use. These socialising features are very similar to SMSs and other communication applications such as Messenger.

  1. Strengthening of Friendship

Players can share in the fun of social gaming to improve pre-existing friendship. Study shows that a significant percentage of gamers play with family members and pre-existing offline friends. Interactive games provide these individuals with new opportunities to develop their friendship to a new level. Also, online games eliminate the geographical barriers between friends and family and thus, enable them to communicate and share moments from the comfort of their rooms.

On the other hand, players who do not know each other offline can also develop a strong friendship through interactive games. Limitations of social gaming such as insecurity and lack of communication and relationship skills cannot hinder the development of friendship through social gaming.


Unlike in the past, where players hand to organise a physical meeting or visit gaming centres to enjoy the interactive element of games, social gaming provides players with a whole new platform to share the player’s experience. For this reason, among others, the social gaming industry has seen significant growth. Some of the other reasons that can be associated with the rise include the growth of social networking sites, the convenience of the interactive online game, simple usability, and finally, its ability to develop friendships. The upward trend in popularity and profitability is expected to increase as access to the internet continues to grow.

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