Business opportunities for veterans that are handicapped

Veterans can no doubt be good entrepreneurs. They are the champions of their lives. Along with the presence of various master skills, they well know the art of surviving in this world of competition. Disabilities hardly matter for them. They know the path that can make them successful in every field of life. From leadership to discipline, there are a lot of qualities that we need to learn from them.

They are crazy risk takers and are quite efficient at making various big decisions in just a few seconds. As per Journal Review – Business Ideas for veterans, here is the list of some best business opportunities for handicapped. Hope you can follow the best business opportunities where you can follow below that whenever you want.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business types disabled veterans can quickly start with. The business opportunity is perfect and doesn’t require any startup money to get started with. The only things you need to get started with are proper marketing skills and a niche of products as per your preferences that’s it. You only have to promote other brand’s product on your website, and on each successful sale made through your affiliated link you will provide up with some commission as your reward. The commission on the products is usually fixed. You can add the products with high commission rates to earn more amounts. One great thing about this business is that you don’t need to roam around, doesn’t require any manual labor and even doesn’t require any physical stores to stock them.


Cruise and travel agency

Being a veteran if you have traveled across overseas and have knowledge of different countries of the world, the business of cruise and travel agency could surely be a fruitful business opportunity for you. There is a vast population of people who love to travel the different parts of the world. Being a travel entrepreneur you can help them in providing information about various places, their culture, food, best locations to visit/stay or much more. Even you can even start up a traveling website or blog as well to take advantage of your knowledge.


Take a franchise

It is one of the other best business ideas that can help you in starting up your business while working on a well-established brand. With a franchise, you don’t need to start up your business from a scrap. The systems and the procedures for different brands are over there at perfect places already. You have to get trained from the franchiser and also need to take support to get succeeded in the same. Taking up franchises can be a little bit expensive business idea where you need to spend more significant investments in the beginning but still, it is one of the best opportunities where you can start earning higher profits in just shorter period. Most of the brands offer some discounted fees for the handicapped veterans, so you can take advantage of that also.


Set up a restaurant

Setting up a restaurant is a great business idea for the handicapped veterans, who have served the armed forces as cooks. If you are a food lover and having passion as well as skills about cooking, then why not to use your skills as an extra source of income as per convenience. You can try some new and healthy recipes at your restaurants to attract more people to your business.


Freelance writing

For all those who are good at their writing skills can start up their new innings while writing up articles as a freelance writer and can start earning as the comfort of their home as well. If your knowledge and writing skills allow you can start up your blog as well while sharing your ideas with others and can earn some better profits as well. Serving as a contractor with big publishing companies is another excellent opportunity for handicapped veterans.



Disabilities can’t come in the way of disabled veterans who love arts and are passionate about designing new things like cards, posters, logos, and a lot more. The only things you need to do here is to pen-down your ideas into beautiful graphics with the help of your computer system and have to sell them online, that’s all.

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