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Time Is Running Short for Neymar

At almost 30 years old, Neymar is already one of the most popular players in football. He had remarkable runs with PSG and the Brazilian national team so far, but he still needs a push in the coming years to fully establish his legacy in football. The Paris Saint-Germain star is still shaking off his recent injury and is hoping to get a chance in leaving his mark in the bigger stages of the game soon.

His time with PSG has proven to be one of the most rewarding years of his career. However, Neymar still has a lot to prove in his game. The striker has a big two-year window ahead of him as he aims to cement his place along with the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Robert Lewandowski.

Those two years will come into play with the World Cup in 2022 and the Champions League wide open for him. The title as the world’s best football player is also not that far from his reach. With Messi and Ronaldo closing their era, this only shows how the door is open for Neymar. Lewandowski is unlikely to be a long-term candidate for this since he is already 32.

A lot of people think that Neymar is already past his chance to further prove his worth as a star. Still, it is not too late for him with a lot of opportunities ahead of him since he is still with one of the best teams in Europe and is also a key player for Brazil.

Chances with Brazil

As the lead star for Brazil, the weight of winning in the 2022 World Cup rests on his shoulders. Winning a sixth title for his team means a lot for the country’s legacy in the sport. Neymar grew up in an environment where football is a leading tradition.

Brazil is known for its dominance in the game and is considered as one of the heavy favourites to win the competition thanks to their reputation. A lot of great players hail from the country, and Neymar is pressured to deliver like the legends did back then, and that is what TV commentator Galvao Bueno claims about him.

‘Neymar is the product of an environment that has been created for him from the start — a mentality of “This kid is a star, let him do what he wants”’, said Bueno. ‘He grew up like that, he got used to it and no one stops him’.

Neymar still needs to pull off big wins in his career but he has already done well so far. The striker has won six titles in his time with Santos back in Brazil, and that’s when he rose into prominence. He still needs to show the world that he can lead the national team to success by winning big in the World Cup. It would make Brazil a big hit in live betting on

Playing Against Criticism

Neymar has received a lot of flak after the 2020 Champions League final. Losing to Bayern Munich was a complete disaster for PSG, and many fans blamed the star’s lack of output. It was one of the biggest games that he has ever played, and Neymar’s game collapsed hard when Bayern scored their first goal.

He was unable to lead his team in that game, and Bayern escaped with a nifty 1-0 win that proved to be too much for Neymar and PSG to overcome. He looked like another player under pressure and did not have an answer as a leader.

A lot of critics say that it was an undeniable truth that Neymar is not yet capable of willing his team to win. However, he was widely praised for his leadership role in their game against Istanbul Basaksehir in December 2020. This loss surely took a deeper shot at him than any other loss he had, and that took a toll on their odds at the live betting on

If Neymar wants to prove that he is indeed one of the best stars in the world, he has to do it with a heavier load than he had before. There is more pressure and a lot of players are also starting to figure out a way to stop him.

The star’s motivations are enough to keep him pacing for more achievements. If Neymar delivers a big success in the next two years, then he might have just earned his name as the best player in the world.

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