3 Best Free PDF Editor for Windows 10 in 2022

In daily office and study, PDF can be said to be one of the most used formats. Because of its portability, cross-device, ease of print, and other characteristics, it has a very wide range of applications. However, PDF faithfully reproduces every character, color, and image of the original file, which makes it difficult to edit. You will agree with me that it is hard to find the truly best and completely free PDF editor in the market. Most efficient PDF editors in the market cost highly. To figure it out, I have tested a variety of free PDF editors, by comparing their operations, editing tools, results, and uploading speed, then found the best free PDF editor for Windows 10 for you. They are:

WorkinTool PDF Converter

Soda PDF

Sejda PDF Editor

1.    WorkinTool PDF Converter

WorkinTool PDF Converter is undoubtedly one of the best free PDF editors. It is a free and effective PDF processor software that is new in the market. It combines many mainstream PDF operations into one. As a PDF editor, it fulfills editing PDF with highlighter, text, image, sign, line, note, etc. After your editing, you can save it directly to your folder without any limit. Most importantly, it has no backup for uploaded files. Your privacy and data security are guaranteed. As an all-around PDF converter, it realizes the conversion of PDF formats into Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, etc. Also, you can alter other forms to PDF. There are still many other usages, like merging, splitting, compressing PDF, etc.  You can put your mind at ease and rest on it, for it is explored by a professional software enterprise – WorkinTool, which is a leading innovative technology company that has over ten years of experience in office software. What’s more, it is worth mentioning that its online version is releasing very soon, to which you can look forward.

Pros & Cons of WorkinTool PDF Converter



·       Completely free without any requests

·       Easy to use with its clear interface

·       Fast uploading and downloading speed

·       Safe and secure

·       Multiply PDF processing functions

·       Great result

·       Lightweight

·       Online version is still exploring


2.    Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another best free PDF editor that I’d like to recommend to you. It also supports editing text and pages, converting PDFs to other file formats, merging various file formats, creating PDFs from hundreds of file formats, etc. As a PDF editor, it allows you to modify the document without any effort. With it, you can change, add, or remove text, modify font, text size, and color, insert links and images, add, or customize watermarks or page numbers, and the OCR (optional character recognition) is available. Furthermore, you can add headers and footers to multiple files at once by using the batch tools.

Unfortunately, there are many limits for free users. To use it for free, you need to log in or create your account to accomplish the extra task quota to get a free trial, and the free trial is only for seven days. After the free trial, functions like typing text and modifying the content, adding, removing, and customizing pages and watermarks, inserting links, images, headers, footers, and more are locked.


Pros & Cons of Soda PDF

Pros Cons
·       Multiply editing tools

·       Fast to upload and export

·       Reasonable toolbar division

·       OCR is available

·       Short free trial (only 7 days)

·       Extra task quota

·       Different functional restrictions according to the membership level

·       Need to log in


3.    Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda PDF editor is a free online PDF editor. What makes it prominent in the market is its high security. All files uploaded to the service will be wiped after just five hours. In addition, it asks for no registration. You don’t have to sign your account up for it. What’s more, it is powerful, too. Except for being able to edit PDFs with text, images, shapes, signs, links, highlighters, etc., it also allows you to merge PDFs, compress PDFs, delete pages from PDFs, etc. It also has the desktop version, but it is not for free.

However, as a free user, you are limited to using it three times a day, one file at a time, and the size of the file cannot exceed 50MB or 200 pages. And there are tool-specific limits for free users as well. In addition, its online version is still in beta, which means the converting result is not sure.

Pros & Cons of Sejda PDF Editor


Pros Cons
·       No installation

·       Powerful to use

·       Clear interface

·       Three times for free a day

·       Limits for file size

·       Still in beta

·       Result is not ensured


Comparison of Three Tools


Feature/ Tool WorkinTool PDF Converter Soda PDF Sejda PDF
Price Completely free Free for 7 days Free three times a day
Limit Not at all Task quota File size

Page number

Editing tools



Easy Easy Easy
Uploading speed


Within seconds Fast A little slow


Great Great Cannot be sure


The most multiply multiply multiply
Online version


Update very soon Not available Has

Summing Up


After my careful test, I have found the three best free PDF editors for you. However, there are not perfect as well. They have different advantages and disadvantages. You can pick one according to your need. Personally speaking, I prefer WorkinTool PDF Converter, for it is completely free and has no limits for all functions. If a downloaded program is a hassle for you, don’t worry, it already has the online version, and the function of editing PDFs online will be updated very soon.

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