Which Games Have the Best Odds of All slots?

If you’ve ever gotten lucky in a casino, you understand how thrilling and exhilarating all slots games can be. It really doesn’t matter if you’re playing a lower denomination game or for a few dollars per spins, the feeling is great when you hear the bells go off. For that reason, many players are chasing that feeling and wondering if there are certain games to play that have better odds.


Winning a massive jackpot is mostly up to lady luck. But there are a few things you do look for when choosing a game to play that might amp up your odds of winning. We always find the best bit of advice to be, leaving your suspicions at the door when you enter a casino. That applies when entering an online casino in Kuwait or anywhere else in the world.

All slots games in modern times use Random Number Generators. Therefore, you can be sure that every spin comes up with a totally random outcome. This means it’s impossible for the game to develop a pattern and bring you closer to winning with every spin.

Higher Denominations are the Best of All slots Games

It holds true for every casino game that the more money you bet, the more potential you have for winning. This logic applies to all slots games. So, in order to win more money, you need to play higher denomination slot games.

We’re not saying you should go ahead and seek out the most expensive games you can find. However, a general rule is to avoid machines where you’re playing just a few cents every spin. The more expensive games always come with a higher payback percentage.

For example, take progressive jackpot games. These are the ones that have the largest jackpots of all slots games, often millions! But you don’t qualify for the jackpot unless you are placing the maximum bet on the spin.

Can You Increase Your Chances of Winning?

Many experts would recommend playing other types of slot games rather than progressives. The reason is that progressive games tend to reserve the payback percentage of cash for the major jackpot so it can reach millions. If you’re not feeling quite that lucky, it’s best to play on machines that payout smaller amounts, but much more frequently.

It’s up to you what you want to do, but we would recommend not chasing a jackpot every time. But on the other hand, don’t play it completely safe and go with the cheapest games you can find. Choose a balance that works for you (and your bankroll), and you’re more likely to win more regularly. Not to mention, it is more fun that way, a little risk and a little reward, simultaneously.

In Summary

  • Winning slot games is mostly due to luck
  • You can only choose the right games to play depending on how much you want to try your luck
  • There are no such things as patterns or “getting close” to winning
  • As a general rule: the more you bet, the more potential to win



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