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The ultimate moving guide to Las Vegas!!!

As a tourist, the city seems all about the entertainment, fun, glitter, and glitz but in actual when you are deciding to move here to the city, then you have to look at the other factors of the city. You need to have a depth of knowledge about the city which is beyond the glitter, shine, and glitz of the city. The best cross country movers associated with Pricing Van Lines suggest that knowing the city as much as possible is the best way to be prepared for the transition. Visit here to access the finest list of cross country movers. So, if you want to know more and more about the city then have a look at these things.

  1. Climatic conditions: The place has a desert climate for almost 300+ days of the entire year. Without humility, the temperature in summers is around 110-120 degrees. When walking around you will directly feel the heat of the blazing sun on your face. And winters here are cool, especially, in the early mornings and late nights. In the daytime, the temperature is around 60-70 degrees. In winters, January, as well as February, contributes their share of cold days. While transportation, it is recommended you to carry plenty of summer clothing with you due to the city’s high temperature. And in winters, you will need light winter clothing.
  1. The best neighborhoods to live in: When shifting, it is challenging to find the best housing. Some neighborhoods where you can look for housing is as follow-
  • Downtown Vegas: This place is the liveliest area in the city. Here you will find all modern amenities with high-rise apartments. Downtown Vegas is filled with various restaurants, the Container Park, the Events center, and the attractive Slotzilla Zip-line.
  • Arts District: This one-square-mile neighborhood is home to numerous bars, restaurants, cafes, showrooms, cinema halls, and various other entertainment options. This is an apt place for a fun-loving person.
  • Rancho Oakey: An alternative to the Downtown, this particular place is situated few miles away from The Strip. Here one can see different options of museums and restaurants. If you want to escape from the busy life of Las Vegas then you can shift to this beautiful place.
  • Peccole Ranch: One of the best neighborhoods to live for the youngsters, this place is filled with greenery all around and also offers you basic facilities with swimming pools or on-site parking.
  • Section Seven: Home to the single-family residence, this place offers you the proximity of city life. Apartments here are affordable and provide all modern facilities. This place captures the style of city living at best.
  1. Living cost: The cost to live is low as compared to nearby metro cities, such as California or Scottsdale. You can have all-night fun by paying only a few bucks. According to the survey conducted by Payscale, here the cost of living is almost 3% higher than the average national housing cost. Also, the cost of housing is estimated to be 8% higher than the nation’s average housing cost. Get ready to pay around $940 for an apartment of one bedroom and for a two bedroom apartment, the amount is around $1216. Apart from this, you need to know that salaries provided are also low. In 2019, the median income is estimated at around $56360. Your entire income will go into your pockets as there is no income, inventory, or corporate tax in Nevada.
  1. Job opportunities: The city is hometown to numerous restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, bars, casinos, theaters, museums. Therefore, you can effortlessly get a job in the hospitality sector. Also, some other industries such as the education sector, aerospace, logistics, information technology, manufacturing sector, health care sector, and global trade are trying to establish themselves in this economically growing city. There are plenty of tourist attractions in the city leading to more jobs in the tourism sector. In the survey of 2016, it was estimated that around 44% of total working people in Las Vegas were employed in the tourism industry.
  1. Entertainment and Outdoor activities: You might already have listened about the buzz of entertainment in the city because it is called the hub of entertainment. You can visit The Smith Center, world-famous for performing art. Here you can enjoy Broadway shows and mesmerizing jazz and ballet performances. If you want to witness the history of this region, then you should definitely visit The Spring Preserve. NHL Hockey– Vegas Golden Knights, Discovery Center, etc, are the many other options to explore. Also, you can enjoy hiking with a soothing view at Valley of Fire State Park and the majestic Red Rock Canyon. Lake Mead is another place that offers you various water sports. If you want to escape from the blazing heat of the place, then you can visit Mt. Charleston ski resort where you can enjoy hiking, skiing, mountain bike, and horse-back ride.

Now, after knowing all the important things about the place, you might make a better decision for yourself.  Is the city a suitable place for you to move to or you have to rethink your decision. Once you have decided and are in favor of the move, start your search for the best cross country movers and enjoy the transition.

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