VHD Recovery Tools To Recover VHD File – Here are the Best 5

Is your VHD – virtual hard disk behaving inappropriately? Any error or corruption in the VHD file can be the possible cause of this behavior. When the VHD file gets corrupted, it becomes inaccessible. This can lead to the loss of your data.

Are you also facing the same? Here are the best 5 VHD recovery tools that help you recover your VHD file. But before that, let us first discuss the VHD file and the causes that make it unreadable or corrupt.

VHD file

Virtual Hard Disk – VHD is the image of the hard disk. Microsoft Windows Virtual computer uses this image file. It is the replica of the hard drive but works similarly, as the hard drive. VHD has all essential data like partitions, boot records, files, tables, folders, etc.

VHD is mainly used to create a backup of the system image. But same as the other physical devices, VHD is also prone to corruption. Now let us see the various causes that lead to the corruption of the VHD file.

Factors Responsible For VHD File Corruption

  • Corruption of storage media can lead to corruption of VHD file
  • Sudden shutdown of the system when a virtual machine is active
  • Virtual machine failure can damage VHD file
  • Hard disk with bad sectors can lead to VHD file corruption
  • VHD data transmission over a faulty network
  • Installed antivirus can also interfere with the virtual machine operations
  • Virus attack

Whenever your VHD file becomes inaccessible because of these factors, you can recover and repair them with the best VHD recovery tools.

VHD Recovery Tools

When the VHD file gets corrupted, recover the file quickly with these top VHD recovery tools. These are the best tools that help you recover data in the quickest possible time.

Recoverit Data Recovery


Recoverit data recovery is an excellent software that can retrieve data from the damaged or corrupted VHD files. It does not matter how you have lost VHD files, the software can retrieve data easily.


  • Supports 1000+ file formats
  • Recovers data lost under various scenarios
  • Highest data recovery with the maximum success rate
  • Easy to use and clear interface
  • Fast processing
  • Preview of recovered files before recovery
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SysInfoTools VHD Recovery Software

Image name: sysinfo-tools-vhd-recovery

SysInfo Tools can recover VHD files with it’s easy to use interface that does not require any technical knowledge. The software has two scanning and three recovery modes that can recover FAT, FAT 16, 32and 64, NTFS, EXTX, and HFS + files.


  • Recovers complete data from the corrupt VHD file
  • Customized settings for the selected volume
  • Supports both formats: MBR and GPT
  • Recovers VHD files that are saved in both dynamic and fixed disk
  • Recovers data from formatted drives
  • Interactive user interface

Aryson VHD Recovery Software


Aryson is the advanced and smartest application for repairing corrupt VHD files. The user-friendly interface allows users to easily recover and restore all the corrupt data from the hard disk. The software is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system.


  • Recovers all the inaccessible and corrupt data
  • Supports both GPT and MBR hard disk formats
  • Three recovery modes: standard, deep and advanced
  • Recover and repair files of any size
  • Support all various file systems: FAT, FAT 16, 32and 64, NTFS, EXTX, and HFS +
  • Dual scanning modes: standard and advanced

Kernel Virtual Disk Recovery

Kernel is a simple tool that recovers data from damaged or corrupted VHD files. The software recovers permanently deleted files and gives you a preview of the selected files before saving them.


  • Repairs corrupt VHD files because of crashed hard drive, partition damage, and various other scenarios
  • Fixes errors of corrupt files that support FAT and NTFS file systems
  • Extracts all data that includes media files, photos, email, archives, database, etc.
  • Simple to use software

Stellar Virtual Machine Recovery

Image name: steller-recovery-for-virtual-machine

Stellar virtual machine data recovery can recover deleted or lost VHD files easily.


  • Recovers data from VHD, VDI, and VMDK files
  • Raw recovery option for recovering data
  • Recovers Multimedia, DB, Office files from your virtual machine
  • Recovers data lost because of corruption or accidental formatting
  • Supports FAT 16,32, exFat, and NTFS files
  • Recovers data from not recognized and deleted virtual machine volumes

Final Words

VHD – Virtual hard disk can get damaged or corrupted easily. We have discussed various scenarios under which VHD files can get corrupted. Whatever be the reason, corruption or damage can lead to loss of your stored data. We have discussed the top 5 VHD recovery tools in this article.

These are the best and easy to use tools that will help you in the recovery of your corrupted, damaged, or lost VHD files. From all the discussed VHD recovery tools, we recommend using Recoverit Data Recovery software.

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