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What professional movers suggest to pack before the moving day

When we are planning a move, the process includes multiple tasks, and packing, of course, is tedious among all. Packing all your belongings is an overwhelming experience and many times we keep pushing it to the last day. Though we will not recommend postponing your packing process till late, there is a list of items that you should not pack before the moving day.

These items may create a complete mess and/or damage other stuff if not taken care of. Packing in time also help to calculate your moving cost and prepare a moving budget.

Here we provide you a list of items and some tips about what all you should toss and keep handy at the time of the move and also what items should be packed separately.

An Essentials Kit

Make sure you keep some essential stuff aside for the moving day and after-the-move night. The list may include a folder to be used to keep all the paperwork related to the move, pens and markers, box cutter or scissors, garbage bags, tool kit, emergency medical kit, all-purpose cleaner, and flashlights. Also make sure that you keep some snacks, disposable dishes, tea/coffee pouches, wipes, pillows, towels, and a bedsheet aside while packing your stuff. These things should be packed separately on a moving day as you will need them all during the moving process.

Personal Kit

There are many things that you will need immediately after or on the next day of the move. Unpacking all your stuff on the very first day at your new house may get difficult so consider keeping some personal belongings handy and avoid packing them before the moving day. This list may include home and car keys, petty cash, pyjamas, a set of clothes, wallet, mobiles and other gazette chargers, prescription medicines, earplugs, sanitary pads or tampons, and personal hygiene items like toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, lip balm, and deodorants.

Essentials Kit for Children

If you have kids at home then there are a number of items that you be having with you all the time and you cannot pack them with the other household stuff. Though the list of children’s essentials is long, a few items are most important for toddlers including a pack of diapers, baby body wipes, clothes, changing pads, pacifiers, washcloths, carriers or strollers, baby food, and baby bottles. If you have young kids then keeping a few portable games can help to ease the process and in keeping they busy.

Along with the above list of items that should be packed separately, there are some things that should not be packed at all as they can create hazards and damages if we attempt to move them.

Flammable Items

All the flammable items should not be packed as their hazardous effects are obvious. Do not pack anything flammable including gasoline, aerosol cans, and kerosene. In fact, make sure that you empty all the items like mower and power tools of their fuel to avoid any dangerous situations. Firearms and fireworks should be disposed of and should never be packed or kept in the moving truck.

Perishable Foods

Perishable foods should be avoided packing as they can create a bad odour and mess as they may get spoilt and rot. Spills can create a mess that would be hard to clean. Consider using them before the move and make sure that you start consuming these kinds of foods a few days prior to the move. You can also give these foods to your neighbours or donate them if they are in good condition and still have a long life. Soon to be expired food packs should be thrown away.

You can also consider packing some snacks and drinks in a cooler if you are moving a long distance.

House Plants

There are some plants that may not be allowed in the state that you are moving to. Research and learn the list of plants that are not allowed in your destination state. Plan ahead and donate these plants to local plant nurseries or gift them to your friends and family. Some states do not allow certain plants as they can be a threat to their natural local vegetation and we should completely follow the instructions to save our environment. If you have a set of plants that you can take along, prefer taking them in your personal car as keeping them in the moving truck may damage them.

With all of the above items, one more pack that you need to keep safe and with you is a folder containing all your important documents including your driving license, passport, house registration papers, financial and bank documents, and educational certificates, etc.

Now that you know what items you must pack in advance, grab the best moving boxes and get started with your packing.

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