How to Make Your House Plan Energy Efficient

Few things in life are often as exciting — and equally daunting — as building a replacement house. Throughout the planning and construction process, there are multitudes of selections to think about which will affect the ultimate cost.

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Of course, there’ll be maintenance, taxes, neighborhood association fees, and therefore the like, but the most contributors to your home’s ongoing cost are going to be its consumption of energy.

You can visit Truoba house plans to see some energy efficient design ideas for a visual picture of what we are talking about.

Thereupon in mind, here are six practical ways to assist minimize the long-term ongoing costs of your new house before it’s even built.

  1. Choose High-Performance Windows and Solar Screens:

One of the foremost effective ways to chop your home’s energy consumption is to put in high-performance windows. Make certain to pick windows with spectrally selective glazing or qualified films that “bounce back” a healthy percentage of solar heat and ultraviolet rays.

These windows not only keep your home cooler in weather, but also help protect upholstery, wood, and artwork. High-performance windows can even reduce the dimensions and price of a home’s AC unit.

  1. Upgrade Your Appliances:

Whether you’re buying a dishwasher, clothes drier, refrigerator, or furnace the energy efficiency of every appliance you select can make an enormous difference within the ongoing cost of your new house.

Whenever possible, choose appliances that run on gas, instead of electricity, as they’re more economical to use within the end of the day. And lastly, resist the mindset that “bigger is best.” Buyers often “oversize” appliances like air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters, only to finish up with higher-than-necessary utility bills.

  1. Plant Trees:

It may sound too simple, but planting a tree to shade your home can help cut energy costs in warm weather and may even make your home easier to heat within the winter. Consistent with the USDA Forest Service, trees that are properly placed around your house plan can reduce your air-con needs by up to 30% and your heating costs by 20% to 50%. Furthermore, the US Department of Energy says three properly placed trees could reduce utility costs by $100 to $250 per annum. Considering that trees in the house also improve a home’s curb appeal, planting them around your new house plan would be a win-win.

  1. Install Reflective Roofing:

Today’s roofing materials, alongside many other components of your new house, are significantly improved with reference to energy efficiency. Today’s energy-efficient roofing materials actually work to reflect the sun’s heat, which successively, reduces the strain on air-con systems. These reflective or “cool” roofs are literally cooler to the touch, which serves to scale back expansion and contraction of the building material. As a result, reflective roofs last for a long time period than ordinary roofs.

  • Solar power

Your roof also can be wont to install solar panels which may allow you to travel completely off the grid and produce your own energy. While this is often a pricier investment, experts claim that you simply will see the ROI in only a few years counting on the dimensions of your system.

  • Landscape

In addition to the orientation of your home, you ought to confine your mind that the encompassing landscape also affects energy efficiency. For instance, you’ll plant trees on the south and side of your home to offer you some shade within the summer. Deciduous trees will lose leaves within the fall and winter; therefore, allow the sun to passively warm up your home.

  1. Insulate your Foundation:

To increase the energy efficiency of your home and make it comfier, you ought to insulate your foundation. This is often especially important if your house also will have a basement. Think about using insulating concrete forms as experts say that they need many benefits.


In hot climates, tiled concrete floors and internal masonry walls assist in moderating temperatures inside the house. You ought to avoid carpeting because it reduces your home’s ability to release heat. The ground plan should encourage adequate ventilation of all rooms.

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